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United Way of Wyandotte County Kansas

Kansas City Adventure Club

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Digital Architectural Models

Rail Runner Rapid Transportation System

Missouri State Athletic Center

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Introduction to English Verb Tenses

Management Reference Model Dimensions

Wyandotte County United Way

The following is a 2D animated video I produced for the Wyandotte County, Kansas, United Way.

Management Reference Model Dimensions

An Introduction to Present Tense Verbs

Missouri State Univ Recreation Center External View

My 3D Animation Process for This Video

  1. I recevied 2D AutoCAD drawings from the university architect
  2. I then cleaned the files in AutoCAD to remove the elements not requried for a 3D Model
  3. I used the CAD drawings to make an inital model of the building
  4. I visited the consturction site of the building to check if my render was the same as the real building
  5. I made the nessasary corrections, then made final versions of the model

Cold Steel Knife Commercial

As part of my Internship for Summer 2012 at OnTheZ with Justin Sirois, I worked on animation for a commercial for a Cold Steel Knife. The footage for the commercial was shot at the Lake of the Ozarks, and the animations of the Raptors were composited in afterwards.

I worked on the animation and texturing of the raptors, as well as preparing those animations for compositing. Justin worked on the blood effects and compositing.